Tue, May 11, 2021

What captured Ireland's attention in 2020?

Dr Holohan, Caroline Flack, Leo Varadkar & Kamala Harris
Dr Holohan, Caroline Flack, Leo Varadkar & Kamala Harris
Familiar faces of 2020

What day is it?

Government lockdowns and working from home got us all a little confused over the last year, and according to Google Trends global searches for what day is it? hit an all-time high.

Essential workers were our lifelines in 2020, and we searched for how to thank teachers, bus drivers, nurses, and doctors, while how to cut your hair? was also trending worldwide.

According to Google; in 2020, we focused on helping others more than we focused on ourselves – how to donate was searched 2x more than how to save money.

The world searched how to help more than ever on Google.

Top trending how to help: how to help Australia fires, how to help Black Lives Matter, how to help during coronavirus, how to help Beirut.

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