Tue, May 11, 2021

Kendall Jenner Official 'Top Cat 2020'

Kendall Jenner is top catwalker in 2020.
Kendall Jenner is top catwalker in 2020.

Estée Lauder girl Kendall Jenner has topped the 2020 list of highest-paid catwalkers.

Just for the modelling part of her business alone, the raven-haired stunner has earned almost $25 million despite a challenging year.

The Jenner-Kardashian sister joined Wilhelmina Models at just 14-years old and landed her first runway break during the 2012 New York Fashion Week.

Now 24-years of age, Kenny represents the biggest brands on the planet, including Estee Lauder, Calvin Kline, Chanel, Adidas and Pepsi.

Recently featured in The Architectural Digest, the walls of her newly renovated LA mansion are adorned with a myriad of framed magazine covers featuring the foxy Jenner-Kardashian sister.

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