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More cultural diversity as immigration hits high

More cultural diversity as immigration hits high
More cultural diversity as immigration hits high

In the first four months of 2022, over 120,000 people entered the State, according to official figures released by the CSO, bringing the Irish population to over 5.1 million after taking into account 59,600 who left in the previous 12 months.

The immigrants included 53,200 returning Irish and EU nationals, 4,500 UK nationals, and 63,000 other nationals – including Ukrainians.

The Department of Integration expects the total number of Ukrainians who came to reland in 2022 to exceed 70,000.

Despite the current housing crisis and other challenges, Ireland recognises the importance of democracy and will continue to support the Ukrainian cause in any way possible.

South Africa's loss is Ireland's gain

While South Africa is one of the most attractive destinations on earth, there has been escalating crime in 2022; an average of 1,200 kidnappings per month were reported.

So it's not surprising given the growing unrest more South Africans are settling and retiring in Europe, and many have chosen Ireland as their new home. South Africans are very enterprising and resourceful, and our sports-mad population is similar to the South African way of life, where people gather to watch rugby and other games. So the new arrivals are getting a warm Irish welcome.

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