Thu, May 26, 2022

Huge Surge in Demand for Luxury Properties

Huge Surge in Demand for Luxury Properties

The current change in all our working and living habits has led to people reviewing how they live, where they live and how they work in 2021.

The global pandemic is now driving growth, and there is a massive surge in interest and demand for luxury properties across Ireland.

Workers who don't need to be onsite can extend their work-from-home arrangement into the future. Global IT companies like Twitter and Facebook, have committed to letting people work remotely forever if they so choose.

This new flexibility has led to many high net worth individuals worldwide looking towards Ireland as a potential setting for relocating.

Ireland is seeing a massive increase in demand for luxury properties from clients as far afield as the US, South America, South Africa, Russia and Asia. Many of these new inquiries come from those in the financial tech and pharmaceutical industry - particularly the more prominent companies - that now want to call Ireland home.

"These are big players, and they want substantial homes that offer them privacy and high-end luxury but that relaxed lifestyle that Ireland can offer. Coastal properties are proving particularly popular," says Joe Gavin.

Apart from the favourable tax regime for Irish non-dom residents, there are many attractions to living in Ireland. Ireland is the only Eurozone county where English is the principal language and is seen as a safe and stable EU country. Ireland's infrastructure and air connections are well developed, and its proximity to London is always an attraction, as is the laid-back lifestyle.

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