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How to Plan the Perfect Staycation

Adare Manor West Of Ireland
Adare Manor West Of Ireland

How to Plan the Perfect Staycation

You don't have to travel far to get a good break. So how do you choose the best staycation for you?

Staycations are very much on the rise in Ireland and one in four people in Ireland took at least one last year, Irish people are still keen to take their main holiday in Ireland or at least one break here to discover new parts of the country.

Dublin is still the most popular location for staycationers and Galway is still proving as popular as ever, followed by Kerry and Cork.

Industry leaders reported another good year for tourism across all markets in 2018. The summer season in particular helped to boost visitor numbers. There was warmly welcomed growth in the domestic market and "there's a certain sense of growth within the domestic market"

When looking at planning a staycation the first point is the make-up of the group. Whether you're traveling solo, on a romantic weekend or have to pack up dogs, extended family or a group of friends, the accommodation will be the starting point. Make sure to look extensively at the details when it comes to what exactly is on offer and do your research by speaking directly to the hotel representative, home owner or agent to determine that you will be getting exactly what you want. Booking early will help you to get as many discounts as possible.

Why not think about a central focus when it comes to your staycation? Choose a golf course you have always wanted to play at; a spa you have always wanted to visit; a tourist attraction or food or cultural experience that you have read about and build your staycation from there. Don't be afraid to choose a more undiscovered county or city. Ireland's visitor offerings have never been stronger from micro breweries, themed weekends to foodie tasting tours.

If you want elegant country glamour, go for one of Ireland's stunning self-catering homes from coastal getaways to countryside forest escapes and spend time looking outside of the ordinary. Luxury self-catering is one of the key trends for 2019.

If you want a total rest don't rule out B&B's as they can be the key to local knowledge, particularly if you're planning an activity break. There can be value in five-star hotels if you look around and sometimes a staycation can be all about doing absolutely nothing and making the most of the facilities and staying indoors.

Make the most of technology and use your travel apps, sat nav and give and read reviews freely. When it comes to Ireland make sure you have a back-up plan when it comes to the weather as you'll always have to have a plan B.The Fáilte Ireland website is not just for tourists in to Ireland, it's a treasure-trove of information for Irish people looking for ideas around a staycation from festivals to the newest attractions.

Make 2019 the year of rediscovery of what Ireland has to offer.

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