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Food experts for celebrities visiting Ireland

One of the go-to Five Star International food experts
One of the go-to Five Star International food experts
One of the go-to Five Star International food experts

Chef John O'Connor is fast becoming one of the go-to Five Star International food experts for celebrities visiting Ireland.

The rising culinary Star began his journey at a young age. The family - who runs the well-known Quigley's Bakery - has a long history in the food industry, expanding through the generations to branches across Ireland incorporating bakeries, cafes and delis. John honed his craft from the ground up, working on menu development and learning the business over the years.

His training at the famous Ballymaloe Cookery School gave him a deep appreciation and the skills to develop his massive passion for food further. Stints in New York and London saw him broadening his repertoire and building his 5-star profile. From harnessing new skills in a Japanese restaurant to working in acclaimed restaurants and street food vendors internationally, he's always kept his love for the traditional cuisine and the "flavour of home" he grew up with. While he is discreet about naming names, he's already on the books of top international film stars, musicians and global tech entrepreneurs, rapidly gaining endorsements and testimonials.

His bespoke menus, cheeseboards and cocktails are a big talking point. "I like to plan menus with clients and have an extensive catalogue of interesting wines. I source the best beef, lamb, poultry and seafood from trusted suppliers and always use the best ingredients".

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