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Demand for 'Work from Anywhere' Driving Record Prices

Demand for 'Work from Anywhere' Driving Record Prices

Record prices are seen as international buyers snapping up properties in remote areas in Ireland that were previously off the radar.

As more and more digital nomads find that they can base themselves in Ireland and work remotely for US and European companies, they're snapping up luxury properties in less traditional locations on the Wild Atlantic Way and further afield.

"We've been seeing this pattern developing," says Joshua Mills on the Five Star Real Estate Team; while Dublin is still No.1 for American traders ', It's really widening up. There are lots of new international clients investing in Ireland.

We have what they're looking for. We're seeing offers from international clients on properties in remote locations in West Cork, Mayo, Donegal and Connemara and in areas we wouldn't necessarily have expected. They want the coastal lifestyle, the freedom and the beautiful homes we can source for both sale and rent".

Another trend emerging is a 'workstation' - essentially working while on vacation. Luxury 5-star properties are being rented for long periods, sometimes by a group who take months to integrate leisure with work, allowing them to relax and also be more productive. The towns with access to the best beaches, adventure, and scenery along the Atlantic are proving to be the biggest hit as the 'work from anywhere' trend continues.

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